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General information Water Adventure Camp

General information Water Adventure Camp

For the parents/carers.

Bringing and picking up.

Sunday at 13.00 hrs is the start of the Water Adventure Camp. While enjoying a drink, children and parents will get to know the staff and the camp. At about 13.30 hrs the programme will start. Wednesday at 12.00 hrs parents are welcome to join the closing party.

Personal data form.

In the confirmation e-mail of the Water Adventure Camp the participant will receive a personal data form. This form relates to important information in case of emergency, medication, diets, physical problems and the like. We ask you to print it out, fill it in and bring it with you on arrival.

Unforeseen costs.

If there are unexpected costs, such as a doctor's visit. In consultation with the parents an advance payment can be made by Cnossen Leekstermeer. This will be settled later.


To make the Water Adventure Camp as much fun as possible, a lot is allowed. The guidance will clearly indicate during the camp if something goes too far. However, there are very clear rules for the use of alcohol, drugs and smoking.

Alcohol en drugs.

During the Water Adventure Camp the consumption of alcohol as well as the use of drugs, in whatever form, is NOT allowed. In case alcohol is consumed exclusion from the camp is possible. The parents will be informed immediately. In case of drug use, there will be no consultation and you will be excluded from the camp immediately.

Changes of circumstances.

If there are any changes (such as family problems or illness), please let us know as soon as possible.

Group size.

The group size will vary from four to fifteen participants per Water Adventure Camp. We work a lot as a team, which ensures that the children get to know each other quickly. It can happen that there are not enough participants. You will be informed at least one week in advance. So keep an eye on your e-mail! In consultation you can participate in another week or a refund will follow.

Pocket money.

Pocket money is nice, but not necessarily necessary (maximum 15,-). In the pavilion ice creams, snacks, soft drinks, postcards, WAC caps and WAC bracelets can be bought. There is no opportunity for shopping.


Bringing (valuable) items is entirely at your own risk.

In case of bad weather.

A little rain does not stop us. Only with strong wind or thunderstorms we do not sail. We keep a close eye on the weather and always have alternative activities in store - if necessary. Because of the set-up of the Water Adventure Camp we are flexible in what we do when.

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